For the long route through the unknown

That picture? That's me. 20 kilometres into an immense hike across the Snowdon Mountain range. When I'm not in my studio making functional gear, you will find me trying to tick off all the Wainwrights and Munros in the UK. 

Route Unknown represents unforeseen environments and ever-changing terrains. We hand make durable, versatile, carefully considered gear, guided by the desire to traverse new landscapes and discover new trailheads.

We design and make one product at a time, dropping them in small made to order batches all from our studio. This enables us to create almost no waste in the design and manufacturing process, while enabling us to put all our energy into ensuring each product is designed to successfully co-exist with you through decades of adventures both in the city, on the coastline and in the mountains. We do this by designing with 3 guiding design principles:


we source from British military hardware manufactures and a world leading Scottish technical material mill; this results in products that last decades, not seasons, remaining protective in a range of environments.

Our products are constructed to stand the test of time, however, if damage does occur, we offer a repair service to ensure gear is maintained even in the most extreme adventures. In the worst-case scenarios, when gear is damaged beyond repair, it can be returned for deconstruction and reused where possible, this is in exchange for a 25% discount on a replacement.


Designing for real life means developing useful, purposeful products that are treasured because they are versatile enough to comfortably coexist with their user. When we design gear, we consider all the terrains, environments, and activities it will be used in, we then strike a balance between functionality and form.

Everyone's adventures are different; therefore, we offer a custom service where product details can be adapted to fit a specific user requirement. This service is important to us as it ensures our gear solves real world problems and allows us to build direct relationships with our customers.


Design slowly and more mindfully. Our world is full of “stuff”, so much stuff that it is permanently damaging the delicately balanced eco system that we all live in and love. Currently 175 billion items of clothing are made every year. 50 billion go straight to landfill, and another 50 billion go to landfill after not selling. As a business that uses resources to make gear, we understand it’s difficult to be “sustainable”. Therefore, we approach it differently, rather than adding to the stuff, we focus on creating useful gear with noble purpose. From the first drawing to the last stitch, we master the craft, creating pieces that can be kept for years to come, meaning you buy better, not more.


How and where to buy

The Drops

Current Drop Live from 29/03/2024

Custom Products

2 custom production slots will be available each month, these slots enable you to work with me on your very own version of a product from the range. Prices and production time will vary depending on level of customisation.

Customs page 

How long will my order take?

Please allow up to 6 weeks to produce your order.